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Lecture and Assignment

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“Revolutions in Worldviews”



Assignment – “Meme, Paradigm or Worldview?”



Lecture Notes: Perception, Cognition & Worldviews

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Update on Political Spectrum Project Research

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The 8th grade has been working hard on their political science research project.

During the first phase, students individually research subtopics in a general political category (ex. “Vladimir Lenin” and “Saul Alinsky” under “Radicals”). The students are doing 40 note cards and a bibliography of sources and will have had 7 class periods in the IMC of class time, plus a long weekend, to finish.

Note cards and bibliography are due tomorrow, TUESDAY at the end of the class period.

The second phase of the project will be collaborative, with the students who researched the same political category putting together a presentation that explains their point on the political spectrum. The presentation can be done using:

Slideware (powerpoint, sliderocket, prezi etc.)

Video (including animator sites like Xtranormal)

Posters and/or other props

The due date for the second phase will be Tuesday December 14. The students will receive specific instructions for this part of the project.

Lecture: Revolutions in Worldviews

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Revolutions in Worldviews:

Perception vs. Reality

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The students were introduced to two concepts in the last two weeks – that Perception and Reality can be very different and that Western Civilization has two basic and opposing Worldviews on the nature of Reality itself (going back to Plato vs. Aristotle). Characters from the sci-fi movie, The Matrix, were used to illustrate the point.

After viewing material and discussion, questions were asked:

And now, simply for fun !:

Imperialism Lecture III

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Lectures on Imperialism I and II

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