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Worldview Projects Were A Great Success

November 4, 2013 Leave a comment

LJHS 8th grade students did an outstanding job on their Worldview Projects, demonstrating both creativity of design and mastery of unit concepts. The Projects are on display in the IMC and will be availble for parents to look at during parent-teacher conference night on Wednesday.


8th Grade Worldview Project

October 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Will be due Tuesday October 15

All of the documents students need for the Worldview Project have been handed out and are in the 8th grade filing cabinet available for download. I also have extra paper copies.

Students will be working in the IMC on the following dates:

Tuesday October 1st
Wednesday October 2nd
Thursday October  3rd
Friday   October 4th
Monday   October  7th – Formal status update will be assessed
Wednesday October 9th – Final status update and project completion planning

Presentation of Worldview projects will begin on Tuesday October 15th

Update on Political Spectrum Project Research

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

The 8th grade has been working hard on their political science research project.

During the first phase, students individually research subtopics in a general political category (ex. “Vladimir Lenin” and “Saul Alinsky” under “Radicals”). The students are doing 40 note cards and a bibliography of sources and will have had 7 class periods in the IMC of class time, plus a long weekend, to finish.

Note cards and bibliography are due tomorrow, TUESDAY at the end of the class period.

The second phase of the project will be collaborative, with the students who researched the same political category putting together a presentation that explains their point on the political spectrum. The presentation can be done using:

Slideware (powerpoint, sliderocket, prezi etc.)

Video (including animator sites like Xtranormal)

Posters and/or other props

The due date for the second phase will be Tuesday December 14. The students will receive specific instructions for this part of the project.

8th Grade Worldview Project

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Students are working on a worldview project this week and next in Social Studies that will culminate in a poster or 3-D object that illustrates and explains the 8th grade LJHS worldview.

Time has also been allotted in class for purposes of planning and coordinating among group members, designing the project, checking for progress, using computers and other collaboration.

Students have exchanged contact information and received the first of many handouts and will be given daily group task lists in order to stay on track.

The project is dueMonday, October 3rd and is worth 100 points.

News in Social Studies

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Reminder that the Social Studies Project is due on Monday December 13.

The students have worked very hard on their projects and presentations, including 5 days of class time in the IMC for research, 3 additional days of classtime for project planning and 30 minutes to “touch base” and coordinate during this week.

Student presentations will begin on Monday and wrap up mid-period on Tuesday.

The Social Studies unit test on Forms of Government and the Political Spectrum will follow on Wednesday. A study guide was distributed today in class and students were given time to collaborate in filling it out.

Important Lecture Slides Used during the Unit:

Political Spectrum Project: Group Planning Day 2

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

The Action-Decision Process instructions for Wednesday for the groups to plan their presentation or product:


1. Make certain that your group has done step 4. from yesterday’s  instructions and examined all the note cards.

2. Make a list of similarities shared by the subtopics that make them all part of the same point on the political spectrum. Then compose a list of differences.

3.  The group objective is to explain a point on the political spectrum. When you organize your ideas you begin with your THEMES, then construct a NARRATIVE structure or outline and finish by inserting in your research CONTENT.

THEMES – the two or three largest ideas that will tie everything together

NARRATIVE – the structure, sequence and point “story” of what you are trying to say.

CONTENT – the examples, facts, anecdotes and images that fill out and support the narrative

4. STORYBOARDING – use the Storyboard sheets to lay out the narrative and sketch the narrative and the content and images that you think you might want to use. Storyboarding is not a “final” version or a rigid plan but a very rough draft or guideline to follow as you design your presentation or make your product.

It is a good idea to xerox your storyboard so that everyone has a copy or in case it gets lost.


Phase II. of Political Spectrum Project: The Group Presentation/Product

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Students have completed their individual research phase.

On Tuesday, their groups were given options and the first part of their Action-Decision Process. Today, they began the second part of the Action-Decision Process.

First, the choices they had:

PRODUCT OPTIONS – Political Spectrum Research Project:

1.Design and Publish a multipage NEWSPAPER devoted to your topic that contains:

Masthead Headline Lead Story (Who, what where, when, why)

2-3 Articles per Group member Photographs Multiple pages Political cartoon

Neat, clean, attractive, well-designed composition, “realistic” look.

Grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

2.Design and present a 10 minute SLIDEWARE PRESENTATION on your topic:

“Slideware” means using Powerpoint, Sliderocket or Prezi presentation apps/software

Organized Visually interesting Accurate Informative Comprehensive

Creative Grammatically correct Each group member contributes

Clear Intro and Conclusion Entertaining

3.Videotape and present (i.e. – it will play for your class) a 10 minute NEWS BROADCAST on your Topic (alternately you perform this LIVE!):

In style of Network News Anchorman Reporters with 3-5 story segments

Requires a typed Script Moves smoothly Fast paced Informative Accurate

All segments together comprehensively explain topic May have commercials

You can have non-group members as “extras” as needed

4. Design a series of three (3) PETER DURAND STYLE POSTERS

Examples at

75 % text/25 % images Visually Interesting Factually Accurate Colorful Comprehensive

Posters are a series where information is coherently presented in a logical sequence

Spelling Neat & Clean Legible lettering Creative Good Composition Attractive to look at


Next are the Decision -Action Process instructions from Tuesday:

1. Discuss Presentation options

2.  Exchange contact information – home and caell phone #, email etc.

3.  Schedule times to meet outside of school

4. Review all the note cards as a group. Identify areas of research strength and weakness. strong areas will become the core of your presentation/product.

5.  Identify strengths of group members – what rols and tasks are they best suited to do?

The presentation/product selected should be a realistic match for the talents, research material, interests and time available outside of school for the group.

Wednesday’s instructions will be a separate post.