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World War I:

Alliance System     Balance of Power     Triple Alliance    Triple Entente

Central Powers    The Allies    Mobilization    Conscription    Propaganda

Trench Warfare    Western Front    Kaiser    Sarajevo    Offensive   

Neutrality   Unrestricted Submarine Warfare    The Lusitania 

Armistice   Rape of Belgium    14 Points    Zimmerman Telegram

Ratification   Peace Without Victory     Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

Treaty of Versailles   National Self-Determination    Reparations

Shell Shock    AEF   Changes in Warfare/Generation War Theory

Russian Revolution   Assassination of Franz Ferdinand   Tsar    Bolshevik

Lost Generation   The Big Four    All Quiet on the Western Front   

Sussex Pledge   Committee of Public Information    Schlieffen Plan

 Plan XVII   No-man’s Land”     League of Nations    Collective Security


Woodrow Wilson    General John Pershing   Marshal Ferdinand Foch

Kaiser Wilhelm II    Tsar Nicholas II    Erich Maria Remarque    Rasputin

Gavrillo Princip    Vladimir Lenin    Field Marshal von Hindenburg

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