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Political Spectrum Project: Group Planning Day 2

The Action-Decision Process instructions for Wednesday for the groups to plan their presentation or product:


1. Make certain that your group has done step 4. from yesterday’s  instructions and examined all the note cards.

2. Make a list of similarities shared by the subtopics that make them all part of the same point on the political spectrum. Then compose a list of differences.

3.  The group objective is to explain a point on the political spectrum. When you organize your ideas you begin with your THEMES, then construct a NARRATIVE structure or outline and finish by inserting in your research CONTENT.

THEMES – the two or three largest ideas that will tie everything together

NARRATIVE – the structure, sequence and point “story” of what you are trying to say.

CONTENT – the examples, facts, anecdotes and images that fill out and support the narrative

4. STORYBOARDING – use the Storyboard sheets to lay out the narrative and sketch the narrative and the content and images that you think you might want to use. Storyboarding is not a “final” version or a rigid plan but a very rough draft or guideline to follow as you design your presentation or make your product.

It is a good idea to xerox your storyboard so that everyone has a copy or in case it gets lost.


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