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Phase II. of Political Spectrum Project: The Group Presentation/Product

Students have completed their individual research phase.

On Tuesday, their groups were given options and the first part of their Action-Decision Process. Today, they began the second part of the Action-Decision Process.

First, the choices they had:

PRODUCT OPTIONS – Political Spectrum Research Project:

1.Design and Publish a multipage NEWSPAPER devoted to your topic that contains:

Masthead Headline Lead Story (Who, what where, when, why)

2-3 Articles per Group member Photographs Multiple pages Political cartoon

Neat, clean, attractive, well-designed composition, “realistic” look.

Grammatically correct and free of spelling errors.

2.Design and present a 10 minute SLIDEWARE PRESENTATION on your topic:

“Slideware” means using Powerpoint, Sliderocket or Prezi presentation apps/software

Organized Visually interesting Accurate Informative Comprehensive

Creative Grammatically correct Each group member contributes

Clear Intro and Conclusion Entertaining

3.Videotape and present (i.e. – it will play for your class) a 10 minute NEWS BROADCAST on your Topic (alternately you perform this LIVE!):

In style of Network News Anchorman Reporters with 3-5 story segments

Requires a typed Script Moves smoothly Fast paced Informative Accurate

All segments together comprehensively explain topic May have commercials

You can have non-group members as “extras” as needed

4. Design a series of three (3) PETER DURAND STYLE POSTERS

Examples at http://www.alphachimp.com

75 % text/25 % images Visually Interesting Factually Accurate Colorful Comprehensive

Posters are a series where information is coherently presented in a logical sequence

Spelling Neat & Clean Legible lettering Creative Good Composition Attractive to look at


Next are the Decision -Action Process instructions from Tuesday:

1. Discuss Presentation options

2.  Exchange contact information – home and caell phone #, email etc.

3.  Schedule times to meet outside of school

4. Review all the note cards as a group. Identify areas of research strength and weakness. strong areas will become the core of your presentation/product.

5.  Identify strengths of group members – what rols and tasks are they best suited to do?

The presentation/product selected should be a realistic match for the talents, research material, interests and time available outside of school for the group.

Wednesday’s instructions will be a separate post.

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