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Unit Vocabulary -The First World War

History-based Social Studies units tend to be more rich in information and detail than are units based on political science, which primarily explores concepts rather than the causation of events.  The vocabulary below was given to the students in two parts and should have been entered into their Social Studies notebooks. Some of the terms are new, others have been previously used in earlier units:


Nationalism     Militarism    Imperialism   Protectionism    Armed Neutrality    Isolationist     Terrorism   Alliance System     Balance of Power    Triple Alliance   Central Powers    Triple Entente    The Allies    Mobilization    Conscription   Propaganda    Trench Warfare   Western Front   Offensive    Kaiser    Tsar  Unrestricted Submarine  Warfare   The Rape of Belgium  14 Points   Zimmerman Telegram  Peace Without Victory   Armistice   Abdication Committee of Public Information   National Self-Determination  Ratification  Collective Security     League of Nations  Treaty of Brest-Litovsk   Reparations Treaty of Versailles   Weimar Republic   Bolshevik   Russian Revolution  Pandemic   Spanish influenza    The Big Four   The Red Scare    Reds   Whites


Sclieffen Plan    Plan XVII    Generations of War Theory

Miracle on the Marne   The Somme   Verdun   Argonne   St. Mihiel                    Belleau Wood   Chateau-Thierry   Cantigny


Kaiser Wilhelm II    Archduke Franz-Ferdinand    Gavrillo Princip                            Tsar Nicholas II    Prime Minister Lloyd George   General von Hindenburg    Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau   President Woodrow Wilson                  Colonel House   Vladimir Lenin   Marshal Ferdinand Foch                                       General John J. Pershing   Alexander Kerensky   Leon Trotsky                         Senator Henry Cabot Lodge   Prime Minister Vito Orlando                               Attorney-General A. Mitchell Palmer    Erich Maria Remarque   Ernst junger     John McCrae


All Quiet on the Western Front      Storm of Steel     “In Flanders Field”

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