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Unit Vocabulary Part II. Age of Imperialism

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Empire   Imperialism   Hegemony   Sphere of Influence

Protectorate   Colony  Colonial   Native   Nationalism

Militarism    Protectionism   Colonialism   Puppet Government

Unequal Treaty   Nation   Nation-state   Satellite   Foreign Policy

Strategy   Free Trade   The Big Stick   Dollar Diplomacy

The Open Door Policy   Roosevelt Corollary   National Honor

Panama Canal   Spanish-American War   Scramble for Africa

Russo-Japanese War   Boer War   French Revolution  

The Boxer Rebellion   The Philippine Insurrection 

Missionary Society   Annexation of Hawaii   Jingoism

Julius Caesar   Alfred T. Mahan   Frederick Jackson Turner

Theodore Roosevelt   John Hay   William McKinley

Admiral Dewey   Jomo Kenyatta   King Leopold  

The Rough Riders   Rudyard Kipling   Woodrow Wilson


QUIZ Friday

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Students should review their three corrected practice sheets for the Quiz on Economic concepts.

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