New Unit Vocabulary

We are starting a new unit on Forms of Government & the Political Spectrum. This unit draws from political science, anthropology, archaeology, sociology, philosophy and world history.

Unit Vocabulary:

State of Nature    Social-Contract    Society    Sovereign   Government    Law

Rule-set    Law-Giver   Populary Sovereignty   Right of Revolution  

Hunter-Gatherer     Tribe     Chiefdom    Kingdom    Agricultural Revolution

Anarchy     Tyranny    Monarchy   Aristocracy   Oligarchy   Democracy 

Demagogue    Direct Democracy   Representative Democracy    Republic

Subject    Citizen    Hierarchy   Market    Network   “Mixed Government”

Cycle of Constitutions    Authoritarian    Totalitarian    Libertarian   



Plato     Aristotle     Polybius    Cicero      Ibn Khaldun    Machiavelli    

Montesquieu     Hobbes    Locke     James Madison   

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