New Unit: Globalization & War

This short unit on contemporary history looks at how the fall of Communism, the Information Revolution, Globalization and the evolution of War are shaping events today and in the future.

UNIT VOCABULARY – Part I. Information Revolution:

Information Revolution   ARPNET   Internet   World Wide Web   DOS  Windows Operating System   Browser  

Hardware   Webpage   Web 1.0    Web 2.0    Semantic Web   Platform   App   Social Networking   Social Media

Social Learning    Blog   Wiki   Podcast   P2P   Vblog   Open Source   Mash-Up   Dead Tree  e-Commerce 

Data Mining   TIA    Virtual Reality   Avatar   MMORPG   Cyberwar/Cyberterrorism   Information Operations

Hacking   Identity Theft   Cybersecurity   Firewall   Netizen   Virtual Nation   Telecommuting


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