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Welcome Back Parents!

 This letter will also be given to your child next week.

Dear Parents,

I’d like to welcome you and your child to the 2008-2009 school year and to 8th grade Social Studies. We have an exciting year planned! Students will be studying primarily Modern American and World history and developing important analytical thinking and research skills, as well as participating in integrated 8th grade learning experiences ( Sixties Unit), featured speakers and field trips.

Every student will need a notebook set aside exclusively for Social Studies ( No loose leaf paper, please). This will be an important tool and daily record of classroom activities and unit concepts. We use the notebook for daily board questions, brainstorming, drawing diagrams, graphic organizers and maps, group activities, vocabulary words and lecture notes. A well kept, organized, notebook will give your child a blueprint of each unit and make preparing for tests less stressful and more successful.

Additionally, as a resource for parents and students, I have a classroom blog https://ljhs.wordpress.com on which I post about class assignments, study guides, units of study, Lakeview news, timely articles on history, education or thinking, meritorious examples of student work and links to other sites. Comments from students or parents are welcome on the blog ( they are moderated) and I encourage parents to contact me via email if they have more specific questions or concerns:


In September, LJHS will be having their evening Open House, where you will have an opportunity to follow your child’s schedule, meet their instructors and hear about the curriculum and school programs in much greater detail. I look forward to seeing you then and sharing more about 8th grade Social Studies class.


Mr. Safranski


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