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Lecture I. & Unit Vocabulary Part II.

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First, below are the slides to the introductory lecture on the Age of Imperialism. If you have questions on any slide, leave a comment:

Secondly, Part II. of the Unit Vocabulary:

Captains of Industry/Robber Barons

Cornelius Vanderbilt     Andrew Carnegie    John D. Rockefeller     J.P. Morgan    Jay Gould


Ida Tarbell      Upton Sinclair   Lincoln Steffens

Political Bosses

William Marcy Tweed     George Washington Plunkett    Mark Hanna

Concepts, Terms, Organizations:

Equillibrium Price    Liquidation   Countervailing Power   Monopsony   Vertical Monopoly 

Horizontal Monopoly    Pool      Cartel     Sherman Anti-Trust Act    Standard Oil

Craft Union     Industrial Union    Strike    Collective Bargaining    Lock-out      AFL

CIO     Knights of Labor     IWW (“Wobblies”)    The Molly Maguires    Closed Shop

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