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Researching the Political Spectrum

Students are workiong hard in the IMC on a multiphase project on the Political Spectrum designed to help them improve their research skills and their understanding of contemporary politics. While each student has a packet of papers, some critical elements of the project are:

Each student is in a group that is researching one point on the political spectrum; from that category, each student has selected five topics to search. 

Each student will need to find eight sources.

They will need to make thirty notecards, each of which must be done in the approved format (due next Wednesday).

Each student must turn in a typed bibliography ( due next Friday).

Students have exchanged contact information with one another and are required to communicate and make appropriate arrangements in case of absence so that the group presentation may go forward as scheduled.

After the research phase is completed, the students will be given further instructions and help so they can begin working on the aforementioned visual and verbal presentation.

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